Our Coaches

Vinny Talluto

MBSC Nutrition Coach

I’m Vinny, a mildly obsessed Game of Thrones and The Office nerd, a diehard Boston sports fanatic, Precision Nutrition Certified Coach with degrees in Exercise Physiology, Psychology, and Nutrition. I’m the head trainer for all professional athletes at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning. I’ve also traveled the world teaching other trainers how to use a systematic approach to help their clients get better results. My goal is simple: to give you the knowledge and confidence you need to help you achieve your goals as quickly and sustainably
as possible… while having fun doing it.

Ben Connolly

MBSC Nutrition Coach

Howdy, I’m Ben. As a Strength Coach, and Nutrition Coach with Mike Boyle Strength
Conditioning my goal is to help people get the absolute most out of their lives, and to keep doing
the things they love for as long as they can. For me, it’s snowboarding and hiking. For you, it might be golf, cycling, surfing, or even playing with your kids.

Whatever your passion is, I’m passionate about helping you to pursue it.