Welcome to the Challenge!


Welcome to our second annual Holiday Nutrition Challenge! We’re excited to have you with us. The Challenge is scheduled to begin on November 15th, and run through December 22nd of 2021. Before the Challenge begins we need to go through a few housekeeping items.


The program will be run through a private Facebook group. You can press the button below to be taken to that group. Keep in mind, your membership will not be accepted until the challenge begins on November 15th. This just gives us time to prepare everything ahead of the program! In the meantime, if you need us, you can email us at mbscnutrition@gmail.com. You can also find a link to join the group in your Welcome Packet. Speak of…



You can find the link to download your Welcome Packet below. It includes some vital information on the challenge, some key nutritional info, and your 12 week meal template which you can start to use right now!

That’s all! Once again we’re very excited that you’ve decided to join us. We thoroughly enjoy running these challenges and getting to know the groups within them, and this time is no different. Can’t wait to talk soon!

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at our support email:


Again, we’re very excited to have you with us, and can’t wait for you to get started!

All the best,
The MBSC Nutrition Team